Prof. Minwu Chen Awarded The First NSFC-RS Collaborative Exchange Program

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Recently, Prof. Minwu Chen and Dr. Tian Zhongbei from the University of Liverpool were awarded the NSFC-RS cooperative exchange project "Research on Safe and Efficient Operation Control Technology of Homogeneous Flexible Traction Power Supply System" as the leaders of both sides. This project has achieved a new progress of international cooperation and exchange fund project.

The project leader, Prof. Minwu Chen, has been engaged in the research of traction power supply theory and new technology for a long time, and has maintained good cooperation and communication with relevant research teams of international famous universities such as University of Liverpool, University of Birmingham, University of Leeds, etc. He has published many papers in IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and other high-level journals. The project leader, Tian Zhongbei, is a tenured faculty member and PhD supervisor at the University of Liverpool (Russell Group), UK. His team has long been engaged in research in the field of energy-saving optimization of rail transportation, traction power supply and new energy low-carbon transportation, and the SmartDrive suite developed by the project won the International Award for Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Operation of Trams in 2018, and the team won the UK Engineering and Natural Sciences Research Council EPSRC project funding for the development of new energy rail transit power supply system and co-operating technology. Relying on this project, the two parties will further promote scientific research cooperation and joint training of graduate students.

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