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School of Electrical Engineering (EE), one of the oldest schools in Southwest Jiaotong University, was founded in 1949 by the team of Prof. Cao Jianyou, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Du Qingxuan, a famous expert of electric locomotive and Prof. Ren Lang, an electromagnetic expert.

It mainly carries out researches on the fields of Electrical Engineering, Control Science &Engineering and Electronic Information Engineering. Until now, it has cultivated over 15000 electrical talents including Qian Qingquan, Ma Lin, Niu Xiaoming, Ding Rongjun and Jiang Xianguo, those who made great dedications to the national constructions, especially to the development of the rail transit electrification and automation.

School of EE is justifiably proud of two first-level disciplines, Electrical Engineering, as well as Control Science & Engineering, which launch 11 PhD programs, 11 Master programs. Admittedly, it has the two state key disciplines—Power System &Automation, as well as Power Electronics & Electrical Drives (the latter is fostering). Besides, it sets two provincial key disciplines—Electrical Engineering, as well as Control Science &Engineering. Additionally, it launches 3 kinds of undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering and Its Automation, Electronics Information Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Control. The program of Electrical Engineering and Its Automation, with the titles of National Key Specialty and Excellent Discipline for Engineering Cultivation, is approved by National Engineering Education. Electronic Information Engineering, with the titles of National Key Specialty and Excellent Discipline for Engineering Cultivation. School of EE owns post-doctoral study center and the complete talent cultivation system of Bachelor, Master and PH.D degrees.

School of EE consists of five teaching departments: Department of Electro-engineering, Department of Electric Power Engineering, Department of Power Electronics and Motor Drive Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Engineering, and Department of urban rail electrification. There are 277 qualified academic faculties and staffs at the school, two of whom are Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two of whom are granted with funds from the National Thousand Talents Plan, three for Cheung Kong Scholars Program, four awarded the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, two granted by National Key Talents Project, one honored National Teaching Award, one for Youth Talents Program by Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently, there are 45 Professors, 81 Associate Professors, 2 Researchers, 7 Associate Researchers, 9 Senior Engineers, 2 Senior Experimentalists, 37 PhD supervisors. There are about two thousands undergraduate students, and one thousand Master and PH.D students.

School of EE has formed a highly comprehensive teaching platform and professional research platform, with National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technique Research Center (HongKong Center included), Elementary Lab of Electrical Engineering (State Lab Teaching Demo Center), Virtual Simulation Lab and Teaching Center for National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation, Key Lab of Magnetic Suspension Technique and Maglev Train (Key Lab of Ministry of Education),Key Lab of Railway Electrification and Automation (Key Lab of Ministry of Railways), Lab of Maglev Train and Magnetic Engineering (Key Lab of Sichuan province), which also belongs to the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power. Besides, Lab of Urban Transit Energy Conversion& Control (Sichuan) and Research Center of Fuel Cell Technique (Sichuan) are conducted in close cooperation with the local industries.

School of EE has made great achievements in technological innovation and industrialization with its features in cooperation of producing, studying, researching and performing. Recently years witnessed accomplishments of many scientific and research projects i.e. The integrated monitoring system in high-speed railway power supply and the safe operation test system for key devices of traction power supply, which are the first prototypes in China, both got the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. Besides, great economic profits and social benefits come with the successful designs and wide promotions of the key devices, such as the world’s first co-phase power supply devices, the world’s first single-three-phase combined co-phase power supply devices of electrified railway, the world’s first 220kV iron-core energy-saving traction transformer, the China first digital traction substation. Therefore, we won National Science and Technology Progress Award three times, the first prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award four times. In addition,we lead Traction Power System Protection Team granted by Ministry of Science and Technology, Maglev Technology and Train Innovation Team granted by the Ministry of Education, and other 3 Sichuan science and technology innovation youth teams, consisting of Intelligent Traction Power Supply, Safety Protection of High-speed Rail Power Traction System, High Temperature Superconducting Maglev Technology.

The school of EE has carried out extensive exchanges and established a long-term strategic cooperation with universities, scientific research centers and famous enterprises at home and abroad. Besides, we jointly established the National Education Engineering Center with Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute, Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. to promoted teaching, scientific research, personnel training and the development of the industry.

The school of EE excels in cultivating students and talents under the guidance of socialist core values and student-oriented principle. Most students are favored by employers and enterprises with the high rate of employment up to 99%.Until now, School of Electrical Engineering has made remarkable achievements with efforts of all faculties and students. Under guidance of Teaching, Researching and Talent Cultivation, we will step forward to strengthen the teaching quality and innovative talent training system, and forge ahead in the spirit of self-improvement and innovation.