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主讲 Ning Zhao 地点 腾讯会议(ID:430-840-319)
时间 2022年6月8日19:30

讲座题目:Smart Rail -Integration of Railway Operation Optimization

主讲人:Dr Ning Zhao





Energy efficient techniques are receiving increasing attention because of rising energy prices and environmental concerns. Railways, along with other transport modes, are facing increasing pressure to provide more intelligent and efficient power management strategies. This presentation will introduce the research outcome from University of Birmingham railway research group regarding the integration of railway operation optimisation technologies. The approach aims to minimize overall system energy consumption by calculating and providing the most appropriate driving strategy and timetable configuration to the drivers and the rail operators. The technologies have been implemented on different type of railways, including G-Volution Class 180 (duel-fuel), HydroFLEX (hydrogen), and ordinary electrical trains. The results show that, by using the optimal train driving strategy and timetable, the energy consumption and load can be significantly reduced, thereby improving the system performance and stability.


A person taking a selfieDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceDr Ning Zhao is a Senior Research Fellow/Lecturer at University of Birmingham. He received his PhD degree in 2013 and has 13 years’ experience in research and teaching on railway control and signalling system, railway system modelling and optimisation techniques. He leads the development of the railway traction simulation in the group. Ning is also a co-founder and technical director of EneRail Ltd, which is a University of Birmingham spin-out company. Ning has applied, and has been awarded, several industry, EPSRC and Innovate UK grants in the area of traction control and system-level energy-saving methods for railways with various railway operators such as SMRT (Singapore), Edinburgh Tram, Network Rail, Siemens, Beijing Metro, etc. He has worked with Ricardo to develop the DriveSmart product, which received a Highly Recommended Commendation at the Global Light Rail Awards. Ning has published a number of papers in high impact journals and conference including IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Research Part C.