The school has The Center of Electrical Engineering EducationProfessional Laboratory Centre of ElectricalEngineering National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technique Research Center and TheKey Lab of Magnetic Suspension Technique and Maglev Train-the Key Lab ofMinistry of Educationwhich formed a highlycomprehensive teaching platform and highly specialized research platform.


NationalRail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technique ResearchCenter

The National Engineering Research Center ofRail Transportation Electrification and Automation focus on the research anddevelopment,integration,commercialization of railway electrificationtechnologies,as well as education of engineering and public services. Majoractivities include:

* Rail Transit Traction Power Supply,Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition(SCADA)

* Automation System of Traction Substation

* Cophase Power Supply for High-speedRailways

* Fault and Detection Diagnosis ofElectrical Equipments

* Detection and Diagnosis of Train Networkand Vehicle Control

* Rail Transit Training System

The Key Lab of Magnetic Suspension Techniqueand Maglev Train-the Key Lab of Ministry of Education

The labtakes basic and innovation research of magnetic suspension technique as thedevelopment priorities of the discipline, and the maglev train system researchas the core. Around the key technological issues of maglev transportationsystem, the lab carries out research works of maglev theory and technology,maglev trains and linear drive, etc.. In the process of construction of thelab, the lab has launched abundant research works, such as superconductingsuspension material, superconducting suspension technology, superconductingelectrotechnics, maglev train system, suspended beam, etc.

Elementary Lab Center of ElectricalEngineering—State Lab Teaching Demo Center

The Center of Electrical Engineering Education was theNational Demonstration Center of Electrical Engineering Educatioin 2007. TheCenter of Electrical Engineering Education is built on the basis of theElectrotechnic and Electronic Lab Center, by incorporating some of specializedlabs, personalized lab and three collaborative labs(Rockwell & SouthwestJiaotong University Practical Lab, Southwest Jiaotong University & ALTERAEDA/SOPC Co-Lab, and B & R & Southwest Jiaotong University Co-Lab).

Professional Laboratory Centre of ElectricalEngineering

Professional Laboratory Centre of Electrical Engineering is acomprehensive specialized teaching lab center by incorporating specializedteaching lab and partial newly-built specialized lab.The Center includes twelve lab and one informationmanagement platform, which caters to the needs of lab teaching of electricalengineering courses, provides platform, instrument and equipment forundergraduates with engineering practice, individualized experiments andscie-tech innovations, and graduate lab teaching and innovation practice, aswell as offers specialized technical training services in the field of railtransit electric automation, etc.