Scientific Research

During1950-1960, Prof. Cao Jianyou, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,had presided and fulfilled the project of “The research of the very first 25KVPower Supply System of AC Electric Railways in China” which intiallyestablished the single-phase, 50Hz, AC27.5KV traction power supply system ofthe electric railway in China and was formulated as the national standard thatremains the most advanced traction power supply system of artery electricrailway by now. The school was also leader of the first contactlessremote-control device for electric railways of China   ,and took part in the research and development of the first Chinese electriclocomotive Model 6Y-1, as well as China’sfirst electrified railway route from Baojito Chendu. During 1980s, presided by Prof. Qian Qingquan, academician of the Chinese Academyof Engineering, we led the research and development of the multi-computermonitor ing system of electrified railways, the testing vehicles for overheadcontact lines and electic testingvehicles for substations, all were pioneer works of China   ’s electrified railways. In1994 the school successfully led the construction of the first Chinesepassenger maglev train and in 2002 the first “Traction Substation SafetyMonitoring and Integrated Automation System”, which conferred the Second Prizeof National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2005. In 2012, the developmentof the "traction power supply key equipment for the safe operation ofdetection technology and application" presided over by the school,which conferred the Second Prize ofNational Science and Technology Progress Award; In the same year, the developmentof the "PDL power integrated SCADA system" conferred the First Prizeof Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

Over the past years, we’ve achieved fruitful achievements in a number of fields,including Traction Power Supply System of Electric Railways, Monitoring andDispatching Automation System of Eletric railways, Microcomputer RelayProtection and Substation Automation Technology, Inspection of Power Qualityand Overhead Contact Line, Power Tration and Eletrical Drives, MagneticSuspension Technique and Maglev Train, High Voltage and Insulation Technology,On-Line Monitor and Insulation Inspection Device for Eletrical Equipment,Protection & Control of Power System, Intelligent Information Processing,Autonomous Decentralized System, etc.. Also we’ve undertaken many state,provincial and ministerial scientific projects or key engineering projects,such as National 973 Subtopic, National 863 Hi-tech Project, National KeyProject, National Natural Science Foundation of China, major Scientific Projectof the Ministry of Railways. In addition, we’ve published a great number ofhigh-level academic papers, won more than 20 state and provincial Scie-techProgress Award. The annual research fund of the school is amounting to overRMB40 million.